Success Story

"Very happy customer here and always will be!"

Michelle Jarrett

I dont know where to begin. Mitavite has always been a main part of my feeding regime even as a child Mum and Dad fed Mitavite. I had my 34 yr old mare on Mitavite Gumnuts and Breeda which helped her hold her good body condition till her last days. This is my arabian yearling and from the day dot i fed him on Mitavite Breeda and Munga. His awesome shine comes from within with his great diet. I also have my 5 and 6 year old arabians on chaff, and Mitavite Munga - cannot recommend Mitavite Munga enough. I love the results, my boys are ready to show all year round. I even spoke with my produce supplier and gave head Mitavite's NSW managers number to speak with them about doing big orders with Mitavite and they say since doing this 6 months ago there sales have gone up and they now sell a large variety of Mitavite. Also found the Mitavite feed catalog very useful in explaining what is exactly in each feed, which Mitavite product is best for your horse and how much to feed .Very happy customer here and always will be.