We support the equine community.

Every year Mitavite partners with many Clubs and Organisations to support a vast array of events representing most disciplines and interests. We have formed many long term partnerships which see the Mitavite brand closely associated with particular events in all States. An example of this is the Mitavite Queensland Foxhunter Series which has been running for many years and is synonymous with Mitavite. Distinctive Mitavite Foxhunter Rugs are won at every round of the Foxhunter Series and are keenly sort after. Mitavite are proud to be the Nutritional Partner of both the NSW and Queensland Pony Club Associations where we not only support Pony Club events at Zone and Club level, but we provide guidance on feeding and nutrition to young pony clubbers, many of whom will become the equestrian stars of the future.


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Mitavite Partner Rider Sponsorship

Over the years we have partnered with many fine athletes from most equestrian disciplines. Most of these relationships are long term and we take much pleasure in following our riders through their careers and personal lives. Riders such as Tarsha Hammond have had a close association with us for well over 15 years now and during this time we have supported her during her International Eventing career, her study to gain her coaching qualifications and more recently as a busy trainer, mentor and mother of two. Maybe we will have the opportunity and pleasure to support her young children if or when they follow their parents into an equestrian career.

Unfortunately we cannot support all those who apply. Although most are worthy, it is commercially impossible to keep adding to our team. Hopefully many riders will receive the benefit of our sponsorship of clubs and events.