Our Process

Take a look at how we make our range of feeds and supplements.

The Stream-Extrusion Solution

Steam-extrusion is the process where grain and mixes are filled with steam and water and forced under high pressure through a barrel by a large screw. In a short period of time the grain is heated to boiling point. It then passes through a die and is cut into shapes. The extruded nut is then dried, cooled and bagged. By providing a high temperature, high pressure environment the complex structures of starches, proteins and oils are untangled making digestion and absorption easier for the horse.

Feeding a steam-extruded feed has many advantages:

  • Steam-extrusion improves small intestinal digestibility to greater than 90%, reducing the risk of hindgut acidosis
  • Steam-extrusion gelatinizes starches increasing disgestibility in the small intestine
  • Steam extruded nuts require more chewing, increasing the amount of saliva produced which decreases the acidity of the stomach and reduces digestive disorders
  • Steam-extrusion increases palatability
  • The steam-extruded nut reduces the amount of dust in the feed bin improving air quality in the stable, helping to reduce respiratory diseases
  • Steam-extrusion destroys natural toxins and bacterial pathogens
  • Steam-extrusion reduces the amount of heat, acid and gas produced in the digestion process compared with raw grains and pellets
  • Can be dampened to a mash for horses with poor teeth


Key Ingredients in Mitavite® Feeds & Supplements

Food protein, when digested, is nothing more or less than a supply of amino acids. There are 20 of them. Some (10) are called essential (EAA) because the animal body cannot make them – they must be in the food. The other 10 (NEAA – Non-Essential Amino Acids) the body can make, so whether they are in the food protein or not doesn’t matter for structure. It does matter for metabolism. Any amino acid that is surplus to body building / body maintenance requirements has to be broken down, part of it used for energy, and part of it excreted by the kidneys as urea. This is very important.

In an athlete, the kidneys have a full-time job keeping the electrolytes correctly balanced (often in conflict with poorly formulated supplements), so surplus amino acid breakdown material should be minimised. This leads us to the perfect protein – a supply of all the EAAs in the correct ratio, with a minimum of NEAAs. To make a part (muscle, bone, enzyme, hormone, membrane, etc) of any animal requires a combination of EAAs in the right ratios. A deficiency of one EAA limits the use of all of the other EAAs. An analogy is the building of a wall. If there are sufficient bricks, framework, reomesh, ties, etc to build two walls, and sufficient mortar to build one wall, you can’t build more than one wall (my editor says “yes, you can, but if you bump it, it will fall over”).

A well formulated complete feed contains a combination of grains and nutrients to produce a balanced ration. Grains are fed to provide an energy source or a protein source in addition to vital vitamins and minerals. Energy is the primary reason for feeding grains such as barley, oats and corn and they combine well when they are fed with high protein sources such as soybean meal, lupins and faba beans. A mixture of protein meals with complement each other and give a better balance of amino acids than oen by itself and Mitavite® use a combination of protein and energy sources.


Maize (corn) is used for high performance feeds due to its high energy level. Digestibility is poor when fed whole and steam-extrusion increases digestibility to over 90% in the small intestine.

Barley is a popular cereal grain providing a good balance of energy and fibre. Cooking and rolling and steam-extrusion softens the grain and increases digestion in the small intestine.

Oats are well accepted amongst owners and trainers due to their palatability and high energy and fibre level.

Soybean meal is high in protein (44-50%) and has exceptionally high levels of essential amino acids such as lysine to help build muscle and grow out young horses.

Lupins have a good oil and energy level which is complemented by the vegetable protein which contains branch chain amino acids that enhance muscle building.

Faba beans are used to complement other vegetable protein meals such as soybean meal to build muscle and top line, enhance growth and improve milk quality.

Sunflower seeds are very palatable and the oil content provides an excellent energy source.

Oil blends (vegetable oils and fish oil) are used achieve the Omega 3 to Omega 6 to Omega 9 ratio making it a 'good' oil.