Our Philosophy

Mitavite's Commitment to Nutritional Excellence

When man first harnessed and saddled horses and increased demands placed on them as a domesticated, working animals, for the horse, everything changed. The horse had to adapt from a roaming, mainly fibre eating herd lifestyle to a vastly different set of restraints, demands and of course food. Although huge steps have been taken in recent years through research and feed processing techniques, the challenges of improving a horse’s performance, health, wellbeing and longevity are still fundamental to modern nutritional practices.

Since Mitavite’s inception in 1987, our principle driver has been to provide premium equine nutrition for horses in all disciplines and activities. Although Mitavite feeds are the predominant choice of Australian trainers in both harness and thoroughbred racing and we take great pride in the success of trainers such as Chris Waller, Peter Moody and Robert Heathcote and our elite equestrians, it is in the area of aged horse nutrition that we get the most satisfaction and reward.

Over 15 years ago we introduced the then revolutionary feed to the Australian market – Gumnuts. Gumnuts is a fully steam extruded premium feed containing high levels of highly digestible, horse perfect protein and energy, coupled with vitamins, minerals and the pro-biotic Protexin.

Over the years we have received a staggering number of letters, emails and phone calls from owners of much loved oldies who have directly credited Gumnuts with extending or improving the quality of their horses’ lives. For us this is the ultimate reward and a source of immense satisfaction for our nutritionists and sales team alike. Although there are now many imitators in this segment of the market Gumnuts still sets the standard and remains the market leader in this category.

The horse feed market is very competitive with many brands competing for market share. We are often asked to explain how Mitavite feeds are different from our competitors. Of course there are many nutritional and manufacturing differences that make Mitavite feeds unique, however probably where the difference is most apparent and noticeable to a horse owner is in the formulation of our amino acid (protein) profiles and the effect that this has on a horses BMI, growth, performance and recovery after strenuous exercise. By increasing carbohydrates in the diet it is easy to add fat cover and indeed many rations do this well. What is more difficult is to formulate a ration to optimise the development and replenishment of all body tissues, including lean muscle and sound bone. The success of our feeds can be seen equally in youngstock, race horses, sport and leisure horses and of course our older equine friends.