Ali Baba's Blog: Ali Baba – Australia Bound

By Ali Baba Lusitano

“Gidday Mate”, “Bonza”, “Ripper”, “Fair Dinkum”.....

That’s me, Ali Baba, practicing my ‘Stralian accent.  You blokes and sheilas sure do talk funny.  I’m about to head “over the ditch” to show you Aussies a thing or two about what a gorgeous Portuguese bloke looks like.

My rider Jody is busy packing as we speak.  I can’t believe how much stuff is needed for a two month trip away.  I’m getting to go on the big bird in the sky for the first time since I flew to New Zealand from Portugal three years ago.

We are entered for the Australian Dressage Champs at the big flash Olympic Venue in Sydney.   Then I’m staying on to be at the Equine Lifestyle Festival which is cool ‘cause all the Mitavite team will be there.  Then I’m being shipped across to Melbourne to do a show at a place called Werribee.

It’s gonna be pretty exciting to say the least.  I have been reading up on Australia and all the funny animals you have there like kanga, kanga, kangaroos and koala bears and stuff.  They look ok but I’m going to be on high alert for snakes and goanas and I know Jody is not a fan of those blimming huntsman spiders.  I will look out for them too!

The best bit of my trip will be knowing that my Mitavite will be waiting for me at the other end.  I can’t live without it.

I hope I get to meet lots of lovely Aussies while I’m over – maybe I will get a few more friends on facebook and a few more fans along the way.  I’m hoping like anything there will be some four legged sheilas for me over the ditch too!


One final thought...  They do have carrots in Australia don’t they?

Ali Baba – Munching on Mitavite since 2012.

(PS here is a photo or two from my last show – the NZ Horse of the Year back in March – taken by the mega talented Libby Law)