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Gastric Ulcers In Horses

 We are receiving more and more inquiries from horse owners and trainers inquiring about  remedies and feeding and management techniques to reduce and resolve the incidence of  ulcers. Horses that are in training appear to suffer more from ulcers and the severity of ulceration&nb...

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Tying Up Tips... That Work!

 Tying Up is a muscle disorder that can contribute to poor performance in horses. It is also known as exertional rhabdomyolysis, azoturia, paralytic myoglobinurina and Monday morning disease. The disorder is complex and can affect horses in varying degrees with variable contributing factors tha...

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Heat Stress & Sweating

 Digestion of food produces heat. The amount of heat produced depends on whether the food is digested in the small or the large intestine. Different feeds have different digestibilities in the small intestine and therefore produce different amounts of heat during the digestion process. Dig...

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