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Fibre-Beet FAQs

What is Fibre-Beet?A formulated blend of high quality fibre sources based around the proven benefits of Speedi-Beet. Why is fibre so important?The horse has evolved to utilise fibrous material that is fermented in the hindgut by specialist microbes. The horse absorbs the fermentation products, ...

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Speedi-Beet FAQs

What is Speedi Beet?Speedi-Beet is a pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp treated by a patented process that includes Micronization. What is Micronization?Micronization is a process where infra red rays causes the water molecules present in all feedstuffs to rapidly vibrate and heat up, causing wate...

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Heat Stress & Sweating

 Digestion of food produces heat. The amount of heat produced depends on whether the food is digested in the small or the large intestine. Different feeds have different digestibilities in the small intestine and therefore produce different amounts of heat during the digestion process. Dig...

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