Super Amino 66 - “Making a Difference” Building Top line, Enhancing Recovery, Aiding Performance!

By Gail Sramek BApplSc Agr – Consulting Nutritionist to Mitavite


Feeding a balanced ration may not always be enough when you are pushing the boundaries of performance. Strategically feeding a well profiled protein, vitamin and mineral supplement can help to build and maintain top-line, enhance the recovery of your horse and aid in performance.


How can Super Amino 66 help?

Building Muscle and Top Line

Super Amino 66 is a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement that contains an amino acid profile so closely matched with the needs of the horse, we call it a ‘horse perfect protein’. For performance horses protein and amino acids are the building blocks needed to build strong muscle and topline that gives them the power to perform, the appearance of fitness and athleticism and has a positive influence on the horse’s soundness and athletic ability.

Muscle constantly needs to be repaired and re-built and by feeding all the essential amino acids at the correct levels in a well digested form, the horse can make the proteins it needs to build and repair muscle. Research suggests horses that have been given supplementary amino acids were able to maintain their muscle mass better than those without supplementation! If you want an accelerated program to build muscle and top line, try feeding 200g of Super Amino 66 for a 14-28 day period with a balanced ration.

Good Bone Density

The maximum bone strength of a horse is achieved between 4-7 years of age yet we start to work horses at 2 years of age. That’s equivalent to a teenager in human years! Ensuring all the nutrients are provided for optimal bone growth and strength is of primary importance in minimising injury and maximising soundness. Research in this area has shown supplementing with a Vitamin K1 and K2 supplement, may be beneficial in improving bone density and geometry. Super Amino 66 contains a full dose of Bonafide, a Vitamin K1 and K2 supplement.

Recovery and Performance

As the exercise levels of a horse increase so too does the need for additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Optimum, not maximum or minimum levels of nutrients need to be fed. Performance horses have high levels of oxidative stress. Well formulated supplements such as Super Amino 66 can help to reduce oxidative stress by providing the correct balance of anti-oxidants and nutrients, such as Vitamin E, Selenium derivatives and Vitamin C. These anti-oxidants and nutrients work together to decrease fatigue during competition, improve recovery times, reduce the risk of strain on the muscle, heart, tendon and joints and improve the longevity of body cells and the horses performing career.


When should you use Super Amino 66? 

Super Amino 66 can be fed:

  1. In the feed every day
  2. A 14-28 day course
  3. Strategicaly, two days prior to competition, the day of and the day after competition



  • Bringing  a horse back from a spell that needs an accelerated program to build  back up

  • Horses in work that need improved muscle and top line

  • Enhance recovery for a convalescing horse

  • Horses that are in work that need that 'bit more'

  • Low feeding rate to give horses the protein and mineral pack to enhance performance


To achieve their maximum potential, performance horses sometimes need ‘a bit extra’ in addition to their daily ration. Super Amino 66 helps to push the boundaries of performance to assist the horse to reach their genetic and athletic ability. Visit our website on or contact us on or 1800 025 487 if you need further information on feeding Mitavite feeds and Vitamite supplements.