SpeediBeet - An alternative to Hay

Feeding roughages such as pasture, hay and chaff to horses is an important component of their diet.  Horses have evolved on pasture alone for millions of years and their digestive tract has been designed to break the fibrous component of the pasture down and obtain energy and nutrients from the roughage.  


If there isn’t enough pasture in the paddock such as during a drought or over winter or if you only have a small area to keep your horse, you will need to feed additional handfed roughage.  Not surprisingly during droughts and winter it may be more difficult to find the standard roughages that are fed such as Lucerne chaff/hay, oaten chaff/hay and meadow or grass hay.  The hay you are buying may also be expensive and stalky and the horses can tend to waste quite a bit of the hay!  Stamping it into the ground.


Luckily there is an alternative by feeding Super Fibres such as SpeediBeet and FibreBeet as part of the roughage component of the diet.  SpeediBeet is a pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp treated by a patented process that includes micronization.  FibreBeet is a combination of SpeediBeet, Lucerne and oat fibre.  The manufacturing process and the make-up of the feed enhances the digestion of these fibres in the hindgut of the horse.  For each mouthful fed, some studies have shown beet pulp is 30% more digestible than hay.  That’s almost 1/3!


SpeediBeet and FibreBeet can be fed to any horse and offers many advantages:

  • They are palatable
  • They have a low NSC% (sugar and starch level) and provides an alternative to grains and high starch and sugar roughages for any horse including laminitic or foundered horses or horses that are prone to tying up
  • They provide a well digested, cool, safe energy source to horses needing more condition.  Speedi-Beet provides a similar energy to oats, without the fizz
  • They provide an alternative fibre source for horses with poor teeth or when roughage can be difficult to source such as during a drought or over winter.
  • They can be dampened to a mash for horses with poor teeth
  • For endurance horses speedi-beet can provide a valuable water reservoir in the hindgut, helping hydration.  The fibre source of speedi-beet provides a good slow release energy source which is ideal for endurance horses.
  • They enhance gastrointestinal and microbial health


Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet are an excellent alternative to traditional roughages and can be substituted for part of the roughage component in the diet.  They have been manufactured to be soaked before feeding.  Check the directions on the bag for information on soaking before feeding. 


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