Aged Care & Condition - The original & still the first choice of feed for aged horses & ponies.


Mitavite® Gumnuts® is Australia’s original and most trusted feed especially formulated for aged horses and ponies. Highly nutritious, palatable and safe to feed, Gumnuts® provides a unique balance of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to address the challenges of old age. Omega 3 oils, antioxidants and essential amino acids are provided in a highly digestible form. Gumnuts® reduces to a soft mash when water is added.


Unique Features of Mitavite Gumnuts

  • Fully steam extruded to maximise digestibility and nutrient utilization
  • Nutrient dense to provide optimal nutrition for older horses and ponies
  • Contains Bonafide® to support bone density


Choose Mitavite Gumnuts when

  • Your cherished old horse or pony is struggling to maintain muscle mass and topline.
  • Your older horse has poor teeth and needs his feed softened to a mash
  • You horse needs the support of a premium feed during the colder months or when pasture is limited.
  • Digestive function is compromised


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Available in 20kg bags.


Pressure cooked and fully steam extruded grains(including barley), vegetable protein, vegetable oil, (including Omega 3 and Omega 9 Oils), salts, molasses, heat stable vitamins and chelated mineral proteinates and Quinaquanone (the active constituent of Bonafide).

Daily Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding Guide
Gumnuts®kg1.5 - 1.751.75 - 22.25 - 2.52.5 - 3
Lucerne chaff or haykg1 - 1.251.5 - 1.752 - 2.252 - 2.5
Cereal or pasture*kg3.25 +4.5 +5 +7 +
Pleasure Riding
Gumnuts®kg1.75 - 22 - 2.252.75 - 33.24 - 3.5
Lucerne chaff or haykg1 - 1.251.5 - 1.752 - 2.252.25 - 2.5
Cereal or pasture*kg3 +4 +5 +6 +
Light Work
Gumnuts®kg2 - 2.252.5 - 33 - 3.53.75 - 4.25
Lucerne chaff or haykg1.25 - 1.52 - 2.252.5 - 33 - 3.5
Cereal or pasture*kg3 +4 +5 +6 +
Medium Work
Gumnuts®kg2.5 - 2.752.75 - 3.253.5 - 44.25 - 4.75
Lucerne chaff or haykg1.5 - 1.752.25 - 2.752.75 - 3.253.5 - 3.75
Cereal or pasture*kg3 +4 +5 +6 +
Regular Strenuous Work
Gumnuts®kg3 - 3.253.75 - 4.254.5 - 55.5 - 6
Lucerne chaff or haykg2 - 2.252.5 - 33 - 3.53.5 - 4
Cereal or pasture*kg3 +4 +5 +6 +

Roughage (hay, chaff, pasture etc) should be fed at 1-1.5% of bodyweight. Amounts above are a guide. Total daily feed (concentrate + roughage) should be 2-3% of bodyweight depending on age, workload & climate. Refer to the exercise calculator to determine classification of workload. *Oaten or wheaten chaff or hay or pasture. *Oaten or wheaten chaff or hay or pasture. The feeding guides are for temperate climates. In tropical climates increase the amount of Gumnuts®.

Nutritional Content

ANALYSIS (as fed)
OIL %7
Vitamin A12270iu
Vitamin D1480iu
Vitamin E260iu
Vitamin B26mg
Vitamin B610mg
Vitamin B120.02ug

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Related products

Vitamite® Dr Biff's Hoof Supplement®

An aid in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders:


  • Injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls and thin soles
  • Easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs
  • Horses or ponies with laminitis.
  • Very palatable formulation


An aid in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders such as injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls, thin soles, easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs or laminitis.


The supplement provides all nutrients required to accelerate keratin production.  Whilst keratin production happens naturally in response to injury or insult, it can only occur if all nutrients required are available and consumed daily.


It has dramatic effects on the rate of hoof repair and regeneration and unlike many Methionine-containing supplements which deter feeding, this supplement is very palatable.  It is also non-siftable which defeats the horse’s ability to leave a portion of powder in the feed.


Dr Biff’s Hoof Supplement contains

Biotin – well recognised as a rate-limiting nutrient for hoof growth and hoof quality. 

Methionine – and Cysteine which can be synthesised from it, are the sulphur containing amino acids which are required more by keratin than any other tissue, often deficient when accelerated growth is required.

Zinc – if supply is marginal, tissue with abnormal demand is the first to suffer.  

Vitamin E – essential to additional keratin production. 

Vitamin A – one of the carotenoids essential to all keratinized tissues, needed mostly by horses not on high quality fresh pasture.

Omega-3 – all membranes, including hoof wall microtubules, and laminae, must have omega-3 to be built with suppleness and strength.

Iodine – iodine- deficient horses often show poor hoof quality



Vitamite® Bonafide®

Vitamite® Bonafide® explained:

  • The active ingredient in Bonafide® is Quinaquanone, a water soluble, bio-available form of Vitamin K1 & K2.
  • Vitamin K1 & K2 has a critical effect on the function of osteocalcin, the bone protein that binds the mineral and protein in bone together. Without sufficient Vitamin K the binding process is incomplete and low density or defective bone and cartilage are produced.
  • Vitamin K1 & K2 are naturally available in fresh, growing green pasture but it is highly unstable, being degraded by UV light, wilting or “wintering off”.
  • Horses that do not have constant access to high quality pasture are likely to be deficient in Vitamin K, leading to a reduction in bone density and bone strength.
  • Horses removed from Vitamin K rich pasture and brought into a box/yard regime have demonstrated a reduction in bone density within 7-10 days.
  • There is an established correlation between bone density and the incidence of OCDs and DODs in yearlings and DMD (shinsoreness) in 2 year olds.
  • Bonafide® is the first product to contain Quinaquanone, a bioavailable form of Vitamin K1 and K2.

The Mitavite® range of super premium breeding and race feeds now contain Bonafide®. These include the market leading race feeds Formula 3®, Athlete Plus™ and XLR8®, our trusted breeding feeds Breeda®, Promita® and Yearling Prep®, our speciality feed for old horses Gumnuts® and our muesli concentrate Munga®.


Trial Results
Trials have showed a marked increase in bone density on BONAFIDE treated two year olds.
26 Two year old thoroughbred racehorses at commencement of training for racing were divided into two groups. One group 'BONAFIDE' RECEIVED 7MG Vitamin K formulation each day in feed for six months.
The other group “Control” received an apparently identical powder containing no natural Vitamin K.

Digital radiographs of the left third metacarpal bone and an adjacent aluminium step wedge were taken at carious intervals. The radiographic density of the bone and the step wedge wer measured and RBAE (radiographic bone aluminium equivalence) calculated.

At each subsequent measurement the RBAE for each horse was compared to its initial RBAE and the percentage change recorded.


Bonafide is now available in selected Mitavite feeds 
The MITAVITE range of super premium breeding, sport and lifestyle and race feeds now contain BONAFIDE.

These include the market leading race feeds FORMULA 3, ATHLETE PLUS, XLR8, ENERGIZA and IMPACTA, our trusted breeding feeds BREEDA, PROMITA and YEARLING PREP, our speciality feed for old horses GUMNUTS and our muesli concentrate MUNGA.



Vitamite® Super Amino 66®

Lean muscle mass and strong bone is built by providing good quality protein, amino acids and vitamins and minerals that target muscle and bone growth and remodelling. Super Amino 66® contains 66% horse perfect protein and an amino acid profile plus vitamins and minerals that may assist in the development of lean muscle and strong bones.

The 66% horse perfect protein found in Super Amino 66® is complemented by all 10 essential amino acids and increased levels of the valuable branched chain amino acids that may be beneficial in the building and the repair of muscle plus added antioxidants that may be of assistance in enhancing recovery after work.

Super Amino 66® contains a full complement of vitamins and minerals. It is a favourable addition to any horse's ration that need their performance and preparation accelerated and enhanced. If you are serious about performance you need to have one supplement in your feed room and it should be Super Amino 66®.


Race and Performance Horses

• Horse perfect protein and essential amino acids build strong lean muscle
• Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) increase the muscle building power of the feed.
• BCAA may be rapidly converted to energy to contribute to the ‘fuel tank’ during races and competition.
• Antioxidants can reduce oxidative damage after exercise, improving recovery times.
• Bonafide may improve bone geometry and density, that may contribute lowering shin soreness in 2 year olds.

Yearling Preparation

• Essential amino acids and BCAA build good top line and muscle definition.
• Bonafide assists in keeping bones strong and dense.

Older Horses

• Increased nutrients and a horse perfect protein helps to keep older horses in peak condition

Backward Weanlings and Orphaned Foals
• Essential Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals and Bonafide, assists to enhance the growth in height and muscle of young growing horses.

• Correct levels of protein, anti-oxidants, Bonafide, vitamins and minerals help to re-build and

Horses needing more top line and muscle repair

• Good quality protein with the right balance of essential amino acids helps to build lean muscle mass and top line.