Quick soaking, low starch conditioning fibre source for good health.


Fibre-Beet® recognizes the fact that horses evolved principally to eat grass which contains 80 to 90% water. Fibre-Beet® is designed to be fed as a wet feed (liquid diet) which is the most natural way to feed your horse. By combining Alfalfa and Speedi-Beet® together into one easy to use unique lozenge shape, Fibre-Beet® offers an excellent source of highly digestible fibre in a liquid form and provides your horse with slow release energy without fizz. Formulated using all the benefits of Speedi-Beet® incorporated with good quality alfalfa. An ideal soft feed for recovering or veteran horses and ponies where maintaining condition is often difficult and teeth may be in poor condition.


Unique Features of Fibre-Beet
• Provides a cool, slow release energy source
• Well digested in the hindgut – Beet pulp is approximately 80% digested in the hindgut
• Laminitis trust approved feed
• 95% Sugar Free, 3% starch level
• Short soaking time – soak for 45 minutes in cold water immediately prior to feeding
• Formulated using all the benefits of SpeediBeet incorporated with good quality alfalfa.
• It contains a combination of fibre sources and provides an ideal fermentation substrate to maximise the fermentation of fibre.


Enhancing the racing diet using super fibres
• High energy fibre source
• Pectins in beet pulp protect the stomach lining, reducing the risk of gastric ulcers
• Helps horses hold condition through a preparation
• Soaked feed aids rapid rehydration
• Beet pulp improves muscle recovery rates after exercise

Beet fibre is particularly suited for horses in hard work or racing. It has high levels of soluble fibre and is broken down almost completely in the hindgut producing high levels of propionic acid (one of the VFA) that is converted to glucose in the cells without stimulating insulin and being converted to glycogen.

Stomach Ulcers
Fibre-Beet is a carefully designed blend of highly degradable fibre sources that provide optimum fermentation patterns. High levels of pectin and surfactants can help maintain the mucus linings of the gut whilst the structural fibre absorbs excess stomach acid -helping combat the conditions for ulceration.

Fibre-Beet is fermented to produce high levels of butyric acid, which aids the function of the cells of the gut wall, and low levels of lactic acid, making it an ideal alkaline feed.


Energy and condition
With an effective degradability 50% higher than forage fibre, Fibre-Beet can improve energy intake whilst keeping dietary fibre levels at an optimum.


Choose Fibre-Beet when
• You need an alternative to feeding grains and high starch and sugar roughages. Ideal for:
– Laminitic or foundered horses
– Horses that can become fizzy
– Horses that are prone to tying up
– Horses with Cushings Syndrome
– Horses with Ulcers
• You want to enhance gastrointestinal and microbial health
• You need to dampen the feed for horses with poor teeth
• You are looking for an alternative roughage source when your normal roughage is difficult to source
• You need to keep horses well hydrated. Fibre Beet can help to store water in the hindgut using the hindgut as a water reservoir
• Added Biotin for maintaining hoof integrity
• SpeediBeet and alfalfa have a favourable acid binding capacity so is ideal for horses with ulcers
• You want to put condition onto your horse in a cool, safe manner.
• You want a GM free feed


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Available in 20kg bags.


Speedi-beet flakes, alfalfa nuts, oatfeed pellets, cane molasses, vegetable fat, vitamin / trace element supplement, biotin, peppermint.

Daily Feeding Guide

  1. Simply mix 3 parts of water to 1 part of Fibre-Beet by weight, that's about 1 1/2 parts of water to 1 part of Fibre-Beet® by volume.
  2. Leave to soak for 45 minutes using cold water or 15 minutes using hot water (fantastic in the winter to warm your horse).
  3. Once Fibre-Beet® has been soaked it can be fed straight away or it can be kept in a cool environment, enabling you to still prepare in advance if you wish.

As a guide horses require 2% of body weight as feed per day. At least 25% must be fed as forage, or high fibre alternatives.

Fibre-Beet® can be fed up to 40% of the daily feed, depending on circumstances.


As a forage replacer:

When forage is unavailable Fibre-Beet® may be fed as a substitute, soak prior to feeding. Feed 1.0kg of soaked Fibre-Beet for every 100kg of body weight, as a daily ration. Split and feed at least twice a day. If grazing offer at turnout and after stabling. If 24 hour grazing offer as required.

Weight of dry Fibre-Beet gramsAmount of water grams or mlTotal weight of feed soaked Fibre-Beet kg

As a feedstuff:

Size of horse (hh)Weight kgFeeding regimeMedium exercise (trekking)Heavy exercise (eventing)
11200Forage / Hay / High Fibre Cubes -kg3.02.0
  Pony Cubes kg1.02.0
  Soaked Fibre-Beet®2.04.0
14400Forage / Hay / High Fibre Cubes -kg6.54.0
  Pony Cubes kg1.54.0
  Soaked Fibre-Beet®4.06.0
16650Forage / Hay / High Fibre Cubes -kg10.07.0
  Pony Cubes kg2.05.0
  Soaked Fibre-Beet®6.08.0

An example of a suitable diet:

 Total Feed Per Day
Stabled Horse (No Grazing)300kg body weight pony500kg body weight horse
Fibre-Beet (Dry Weight)0.75kg1.25kg
Fibre-Beet (Soaked Weight)3.0kg5.0kg
Laminitis Trust approved chop or high fibre cubes2.0kg3kg
Good quality hay5.5kg7kg
4 hours grazing on unfertilised pasture300kg body weight pony500kg body weight horse
Fibre-Beet (Dry Weight)0.5kg0.75kg
Fibre-Beet (Soaked Weight)2.0kg3.0kg
Laminitis Trust approved chop or high fibre cubes1.5kg2.25kg
Good quality hay3.5kg5.0kg



Nutritional Content

TYPICAL ANALYSIS (Fresh weight basis before soaking)% Unless Indicated
Dry Matter90.0
Oil (B) Acid Hydrolysis3.0
Fibre (Crude)22.0
Total Sugar5
Energy DE mj/kg11.0
Minerals% Unless Indicated
Phosphorus (Total)0.2
Manganese mg/kg59
Zinc mg/kg22
Iron mg/kg950
Copper mg/kg7
Selenium mg/kg0.1
Iodine mg/kg1
Amino Acids% Unless Indicated
Lysine (Total)0.45
Aspartic Acid1.05
Serine Acid0.44
Glutamic Acid1.25

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Vitamite® Dr Biff's™ Hoof Supplement

An aid in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders:


  • Injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls and thin soles
  • Easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs
  • Horses or ponies with laminitis.
  • Very palatable formulation


An aid in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders such as injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls, thin soles, easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs or laminitis.


The supplement provides all nutrients required to accelerate keratin production.  Whilst keratin production happens naturally in response to injury or insult, it can only occur if all nutrients required are available and consumed daily.


It has dramatic effects on the rate of hoof repair and regeneration and unlike many Methionine - containing supplements which deter feeding, this supplement is very palatable.  It is also non-siftable which defeats the horse’s ability to leave a portion of powder in the feed.


Dr Biff’s Hoof Supplement contains

Biotin – well recognised as a rate-limiting nutrient for hoof growth and hoof quality. 

Methionine – and Cysteine which can be synthesised from it, are the sulphur containing amino acids which are required more by keratin than any other tissue, often deficient when accelerated growth is required.

Zinc – if supply is marginal, tissue with abnormal demand is the first to suffer.  

Vitamin E – essential to additional keratin production. 

Vitamin A – one of the carotenoids essential to all keratinized tissues, needed mostly by horses not on high quality fresh pasture.

Omega-3 – all membranes, including hoof wall microtubules, and laminae, must have omega-3 to be built with suppleness and strength.

Iodine – iodine- deficient horses often show poor hoof quality



Athlete Plus®

After completing extensive trials with leading trainers over the past few months Mitavite are set to release a new version of the product from Monday January 29th 2018.

Athlete+® has been the trusted choice of many leading trainers over many years and has provided the nutritional support for countless superstars of the turf. The contribution of Athlete+ in the diets of race horses is well known and this has contributed to the product’s incredible success.

Athlete+®’s nutrient and amino acid rich formula takes the guess work out of the complex side of the ration, allowing trainers to adjust grain and fibre levels to suit individual horses.

The dominance and success of Athlete+® has been the envy of many feed companies, with Athlete+® seeing off many failed imitations. 

While the Nutritional analysis of Athlete+® remains the same, innovations adopted by the Mitavite Nutrition and Production teams has resulted in a more consistent, friable texture that better withstands variation in temperature and humidity and makes the product easier to blend with grains and fibres.


Mitavite® Athlete Plus® is rich in scientifically balanced nutrients, trace minerals and electrolytes and is packed with high levels of essential amino acids in a horse specific profile to assist with the rapid replenishment of fuel stores and to aid recovery and muscle repair after fast work or racing. When mixed with grains, the palatable muesli style formulation of Athlete Plus® provides a complete ration for your high performance equine athlete.


Unique Features of Mitavite Athlete Plus®

  • Muesli style base concentrate, packed with essential nutrients
  • Mitavite’s exclusive amino acid profile to support athletic performance and recovery
  • Contains Bonafide®, Mitavite’s exclusive Vitamin K supplement that supports bone density and soundness
  • To 2 kgs per day, just add your choice of grains

Choose Mitavite Athlete Plus® when

  • You want to use the feed that champion trainers use
  • You want the option to adjust the grain ration for individual horses
  • It is important that a concentrate provides all amino acid, vitamin, mineral and electrolyte requirements for racing horses.
  • You want your horses to have the support of Bonafide® every day

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Formula 3®

New Formulation now available

Mitavite Formula 3® has been the first choice of Australian trainers for many years. Formula 3’s success can in part be attributed to its versatility, making it a valuable addition in trainers feed rooms.


New Version
After conducting extensive trials, Mitavite have introduced a new version of Formula 3® - easily recognised by its lighter colour and texture. While nutritionally the formulation is identical to the original recipe, the changes will improve consistency in the extreme climates experienced in over 20 countries where Formula 3® is sold.


Formula 3® combines the latest scientific advances in equine nutrition and state of the art manufacturing techniques to provide the trainer a fresh, palatable, flexible formulation for simplifying feed room management. Formula 3® may be used with or without the addition of grains.


Unique Features of Mitavite Formula 3®

  • Australia's biggest selling complete race feed
  • Oat free muesli style nothing to add except fibre
  • Formulated for horses that are prone to tie up
  • Contains Bonafide®, Mitavite’s exclusive Vitamin K supplement that supports bone density and soundness


Choose Mitavite Formula 3® when
• You have horses that are prone to tie up and require an oat free, high oil feed

• You need a feed that is high in essential amino acids, making it suitable for 2 year olds in pre training or racing.
• You need a premium, amino acid rich base ration to which oats can be added for mature horses in racing.
• You want Mitavite’s exclusive Vitamin K supplement Bonafide® that supports bone density and good health.
• Simple feed room management is important to you

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