Mitavite Diet Analysis Service

Have you ever had a diet tailored to meet the specific needs of your horse or pony?

Mitavite® understands that with so many products available and so many “experts” prepared to offer an opinion, it can be very confusing for horse owners.


Our free diet analysis service is backed by our team of Equine Nutritionists and led by Dr Ray Biffin, a Veterinarian with a Doctorate in Equine Nutrition, a Master Farrier, a Biochemist and Meta-Physicist- so you really can’t get any better advice.


Dr Biffin’s extensive research is the driver for Mitavite®’s unique formulations, our Vitamite® Supplements range and the vitamin and mineral premixes that are included in every bag of Mitavite®.  Dr Biffin and his research partners were instrumental in the development of Quinaquanone®, a water soluble Vitamin K supplement that supports bone density and good health in horses. Quinaquanone® is the active ingredient in Mitavite’s exclusive supplement Bonafide® which is now used by horse trainers and breeders throughout the world to support bone soundness. Bonafide® is sold as a supplement and is also included in selected Mitavite feeds.


Just another way that Mitavite® Makes a Difference.


As a manufacturer of premium feeds and supplements, Mitavite® are commited to sharing knowledge and educating all those involved in the wider equestrian community. You can find out more information on our product pages, knowledge library and by completing our Mitavite Advocate Program.


Areas we can help you with are:

  1. General assistance in selecting the correct feed for your horse
  2. What to feed in a changing season or work levels
  3. If your horse has a variety of health issues
  4. Spelling farms and stables best feed options to cover a number of horses in your care


  • Simply follow the prompts
  • Complete our diet analysis information form
  • Upload photos of what your horse currently looks like
  • Then one of our Equine Nutritionists will send you a personalised Mitavite diet plan for your horse



This form will take 5-10 minutes to complete accurately. If you need information for more than one horse with special needs you may need to complete this form for each horse. Please note: A personalised feed plan can take up to 5-7 days.



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