Cool Performer®

Premium rice bran based, low GI, gluten-free complete cool feed for all horses in work.

Cool Performer®

Cool Performer® provides a safe, easily digestible form of cool energy minimising stress on the horse's digestive system, minimising fizzy behaviour. Hypoallergenic and gluten free, Cool Performer® contains high levels of Rice Bran Oil. Cool Performer® is low in starch and a low GI for longer lasting energy and sustained performance.


Containing more energy than the equivalent weight in oats or corn and a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals, Cool Performer® is a complete feed that has been steam extruded to enhance digestibility in the small intestine to over 90%.


Cool Performer® contains the naturally occurring anti-oxidant Ferulic acid, which plays an important role in protecting cell membranes from damage caused during strenuous exercise and competition. Research suggests that horses fed rice based feeds have a lower resting heart rate, lower lactate accumulation and are more easily managed and controlled. Cool Performer® is ideal for anxious, fizzy horses that need a high level of 'cool' energy. Rice bran based diets such as Cool Performer®, that are low in starch and high in fat show a decrease in the serum CK levels after exercise. When rice bran based diets have been used in clinical and sub clinical trials tying up has decreased. Cool Performer® has unlimited potential for a range of horses providing a comprehensive nutrient profile and cool energy to meet the changing needs and demands of competition horses.


Unique Features of Vitamite Cool Performer
• Rice-bran based high energy complete feed
• Low GI, hypoallergenic and gluten free
• Fully steam extruded-highly digestible
• Slow release energy for sustained performance

Choose Vitamite Cool Performer when
• Your horse’s temperament is improved on a grain free ration
• A slow release energy feed is important
• You prefer a simple feed that provides a complete nutritional package
• Tying Up is a factor in your horses management


Available in 20kg bags.


Steam extruded stabilised rice bran, soybean meal, mineral salts, heat stable vitamins, molasses, chelated mineral proteinates and antioxidants

Daily Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding Guide
Light Work
Cool Performer®kg1.5 - 22.5 - 33.25 - 3.754 - 4.5
Lucerne chaff or haykg1.75 - 22.25 - 2.52.5 - 33.25 - 3.75
Cereal or pasture*kg3.25 +4 +5 +6 +
Medium Work
Cool Performer®kg2.25 - 2.53.25 - 3.54 - 4.54.75 - 5.25
Lucerne chaff or haykg2 - 2.52.25 - 2.752.5 - 33.25 - 4.75
Cereal or pasture*kg3.25 +4 +5 +6 +
Hard Work
Cool Performer®kg2.5 - 3.53.5 - 4.54.5 - 55.5 - 6
Lucerne chaff or haykg2 - 2.52.5 - 33 - 3.53.5 - 4
Cereal or pasture*kg3.25 +4 +5 +6 +

Roughage (hay, chaff, pasture etc) should be fed at 1-1.5% of bodyweight. Amounts above are a guide. Total daily feed (concentrate + roughage) should be 2-3% of bodyweight depending on age, workload & climate. Refer to the exercise calculator to determine classification of workload. *Oaten or wheaten chaff or hay or pasture. *Oaten or wheaten chaff or hay or pasture. The feeding guides are for temperate climates. In tropical climates increase the amount of Cool Performer®.

Nutritional Content

ANALYSIS (as fed)
OIL %15
SALT %1.2
Vitamin A3410iu
Vitamin D680iu
Vitamin E400iu
Vitamin B27mg
Vitamin B625mg
Vitamin B1220ug

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Vitamite® Dr Biff's™ Hoof Supplement

An aid in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders:


  • Injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls and thin soles
  • Easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs
  • Horses or ponies with laminitis.
  • Very palatable formulation


An aid in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders such as injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls, thin soles, easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs or laminitis.


The supplement provides all nutrients required to accelerate keratin production.  Whilst keratin production happens naturally in response to injury or insult, it can only occur if all nutrients required are available and consumed daily.


It has dramatic effects on the rate of hoof repair and regeneration and unlike many Methionine - containing supplements which deter feeding, this supplement is very palatable.  It is also non-siftable which defeats the horse’s ability to leave a portion of powder in the feed.


Dr Biff’s Hoof Supplement contains

Biotin – well recognised as a rate-limiting nutrient for hoof growth and hoof quality. 

Methionine – and Cysteine which can be synthesised from it, are the sulphur containing amino acids which are required more by keratin than any other tissue, often deficient when accelerated growth is required.

Zinc – if supply is marginal, tissue with abnormal demand is the first to suffer.  

Vitamin E – essential to additional keratin production. 

Vitamin A – one of the carotenoids essential to all keratinized tissues, needed mostly by horses not on high quality fresh pasture.

Omega-3 – all membranes, including hoof wall microtubules, and laminae, must have omega-3 to be built with suppleness and strength.

Iodine – iodine- deficient horses often show poor hoof quality



Vitamite® Performa 3® Oil

A rich, natural source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty acids. Helping keep the balance right for your horse by combining Omega 3 rich vegetable and fish oils with added garlic to help aid immunity.


  • Performa 3®  oil is an excellent choice for all horses, with benefits being seen across all disciplines and ages
  • All performance disciplines may benefit with lowered heart rates, lower packed cell volumes and enhanced red blood cell formation, suppleness and flexibility as well as improved red blood cell strength – all vital for peak performance.
  • Lung health may be improved due to decreased inflammation and improved blood circulation.
  • Breeding stock may benefit with enhanced fertility and improved sperm motility when the sperm has been frozen or chilled
  • Horses with cartilage degradation and inflammation may see an improvement in symptoms and all horses may benefit from improved joint maintenance.
  • Performa 3® Oil is a cool energy source as well as supporting general health and well being.


Omega 3 oils are a group of unsaturated fatty acids that cannot be synthesised by the horse and are therefore required in the diet. The three essential omega 3 fatty acids are: alpha-linolenic acid which is found in vegetable oils such as canola and linseed. The other longer chain Omega 3 fatty acids are only found in fish oil. These are Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docoshohexanoic acid (DHA). As DHA and EPA are absent from plant food sources and the conversion of alpha-linolenic acid to DHA and EPA is inefficient the most direct way of providing these valuable long chain Omega 3 oils is by supplementation. Performa 3 oil provides serious levels of DHA and EPA.


Research in human and animal nutritional have provided many advantages for feeding Omega 3 rich oils, particularly DHA and EPA.


  • Omega 6 oils have a pro-inflammatory affect on joints, skin and hooves. By moving the balance of power to the Omega 3 oils inflammatory responses are reduced.
  • Research on horses supplemented with fish oil found the horses had lower heart rates and lower packed cells volumes during exercise. This can have a favourable impact on the time to fatigue.
  • Omega 3 supplementation enhances red blood cell formation, suppleness and flexibility. There is an improvement in blood vessel strength, elasticity of connective tissue and membrane flexibility with Omega 3 supplementation.
  • Lung health improves due to decreased inflammation and improved blood circulation. This can be beneficial for horses with exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhaging.
  • Omega 3 supplementation increases insulin sensitivity. This increases the uptake and storage of glucose and ultimately the energy available to the horse.
  • Bone and lipid metabolism is improved when Omega 3 fatty acids are used.
  • Cartilage degradation and the pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease such as arthritis is reduced with Omega 3 supplementation.
  • Anxiety and anti-stress responses are reduced with fish oil supplementation, including improvement in nervous system structure and function.
  • DHA-rich Omega 3 supplements are beneficial to the breeding stallion by enhancing fertility and improving sperm motility when the semen has been frozen.