Mitavite Partner Rider:

Peter Abisheganaden

Peter Abisheganaden

Although being a Singaporean Pete Abish is the Mr Polo in Malaysia. Be it organizing World Cup qualifiers or snow polo in the north of China Pete is the go to guy. He has been spreading the Mitavite word all round the world for many years now and in 2011 become a partner rider. He trains and prepares his horses on Cool Performer and then switch's them to Sustaina for competition for that extra lift.

What type/s of riding do you do?

Polo Player, FEI International Course Designer, Showjumping Coach and Polo Administrator.


Introduce your horses:

Colorada - Bay Argentine Thoroughbred Mare, 12 years old. A very agile and quick polo pony. Has a lot of speed and is brave. Well put together, and easily my best pony. She really enjoys her games.

Pedro - Dark Bay Argentine Gelding, 11 years old. A very big and keen polo pony. Tries hard and is always very keen to play. Very brave and rides off like a truck. Loves to ridden and won’t be ponied (led off another horse) – runs away and won’t be caught. A pony with a sense of humour.

Purita - Bay Argentine Mare, 17 years old. A wonderful schoolmaster that has taught my kids to ride and continues to teach new polo players. A gentle horse that is very comfortable to ride, she has a lovely canter. Helps you to hit the ball and is clever enough to play the game herself, sometimes making decisions for you when you get it wrong!


Where did your love of horse-riding begin and when did you get started within your discipline?

I started riding in Singapore in 1970. Did things backwards, starting with racing when I was 15, then began playing polo when I was 16, and finally made it to Pony Club when I was 17.


Did you have any horse-riding role-models as a beginner rider?

As a beginner I was influenced by Desmond Brown and his wife Cheski Brown, both of whom also took part in all the disciplines I rode in.


What have been some of your greatest achievements within your discipline?

12 South East Asian Championship titles over a 25 year period. World Cup and Asian Games showjumper. Champion Amateur Jockey (1989). Three time Rolex International Polo Cup winner. Highest ranked Singaporean polo player for 20 years. The only rider who have played World Cup polo and showjumped in World Cup Jumping classes in the same year.


What are your aspirations for your riding career? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I hope to keep playing and riding for as long as possible. To do that, I need to look after my fitness and diet as much as I do my horses. I hope to participate in the 2017 South East Asian Games.


Which Mitavite feeds and/or supplements do you use?

Cool Performer and Sustaina – gives my polo ponies the energy they need for the tough sport of polo.


What is your all-time favourite Mitavite product and why?

Cool Performer – cool energy for my hot horses.


What has your experience as a Mitavite Partner Rider been like?

Mitavite has been great support, not just with providing feed but with great advice and professionalism.


Do you have any advice for beginner / aspiring riders?

Preparation is the key – preparing your horses, preparing yourself and even preparing to win.

Peter Abisheganaden recommends

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.