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Lance Hutton
Team Roping

Lance Hutton

You could easily be fooled into thinking you were in Texas as you enter the property of Lance and Cathrina Hutton known as the Flying H Ranch. Lance is a quiet unassuming young cowboy who is a master of the craft of team roping. Outside the arena he is calm and collective, however when he backs his horse into its chute and has that rope in his hand the man changes and becomes and extremely aggressive competitor. It’s been this drive and determination that has Lance the luxury of winning a number of Australian national titles and also allowing the privilege of competing in USA.

Interview - Lance Hutton

What type/s of riding do you do?

I'm a team roper and I have been for many years. I roped calves when I was younger, but my passion is team roping. I rope the Heels or the back feet as they say.


Introduce your horses:

Boon (Chickasha Boon) - He's by Peptos Stylish Oak and out of a Chickasha Dan mare. He is a register roan quarter horse. He's the greatest horse I've ridden. He doesn’t ever cost me money and he tries hard. Hes pretty quiet, and quick on his feet. He is very matey with others horses which is a challenge ta time, but when you ride him in the arena, he is on the money. Hes a champion in the true sense and he has a huge stop.

Gangaster (Chickasha Hoey) - He's by Whos top cat out of a Buckalena mare that won the Non Pro Cutting Futurity. He's a registered quarter horse. He's a chestnut gelding, hes quite stout and about 14:3 hands high. He can be a little shy of you on the ground, however hes a great horse to heel off, he can allow me to be very quick and has a great stop. He can be like a gangster in the true sense, he has his quiet side.


Where did your love of horse-riding begin and when did you get started within your discipline?

I started riding with my mum and dad. Dad roped calves and steer Wrestled, and I started out heading, however I started roping calves watching Danny McGuire, Garry Mcphee and co, and then went heeling, with some help from Scott Bloxsome who was one of the greats in his day. Stuart Mcphee gave my great start heading, and I will never forget him for that.


Did you have any horse-riding role-models as a beginner rider?

I have always followed Ian Francis, a fellow Mitavite endorser, he is a great hand, and I have learned a lot from him.


What have been some of your greatest achievements within your discipline?

  • 6 Time ABCRA champion heeler (6 years in a row) - 1st Place - This was the busiest 6 years of my life I think. I practiced hard, and stayed focussed. My wife provided the drive and helped me practice, and together we went on the road to win these titles. You give up every family function and your focus is on this every weekend, and everyweek, it was a lot of fun, and I have great memories. Mitavite was out feed of choice, and it kept my horses on the road.
  • World series of team roping – Las Vegas USA. I won a round. The world series in Vegas was a huge experience. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. To win a round was great, and hopefully when I go back this year in December I can catch all of my cattle and do well also.
  • Australian Team Roping Assocation – 2012 High Point open Team roping champion of Australia & High point open team roping champion of Australia along with NSW northern regional champion of the #13 team roping heeler, and the Open team roping heeler. I have also won the regional champion buckles for 2013 as well. 2012 was a great year, I had a lot of fun. I just love the ATRA competitions, I really love jackpot roping and enjoy the comradery. The ATRA have a great product and I look forward to being a part of this for many years to come.
  • Australian World Series Finale in Tamworth Placing: In 2012 I won the open team roping and placed 2nd in the #13, and then in 2013 I won the #13 and was 2nd in the open and won a saddle for the high point open roper for the roping. The world series is a great event, it is a great stepping stone for everyone here is Australia to get a spot to go to Las Vegas and rope. I was a part of this in the usa when I started out a few years ago and I was Grandfathered into it, so I can go any year, however I will go back this year and I hope to have some fun.


What are your aspirations for your riding career?

I'd love to make a career out of training rope horses here in Australia, I love my horses and I’m good at training them.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

Roping, enjoying my family and going to barrel races with my wife. Training young rope horses and competing at jackpots. We also run jackpots and breed Corriente and Longhorn cattle to rope, so that keeps us very busy as well.


Which Mitavite feeds and/or supplements do you use?

We feed Xtra-Cool, with Bonafide and Performa 3 oil to my rope horses. I like to keep them fairly cool, but they need stamina and I like to feed the Bonafide to help their joints and any signs that may impede their performance. My horses are the key to my success and I hope they continue to work well for me.


What is your all-time favourite Mitavite product and why?

Xtra-Cool. It’s the best feed for any occasion, or to blend with other Mitavite feeds.


What has your experience as a Mitavite Partner Rider been like?

I have been a partner rider for quite a few years now and I really enjoy it. I have been to Equitana, conferences and talks with the company and they're great. The feed is always excellent quality and I love it. My success goes to Mitavite and also my wife and little girl. We are a team, and together with Mitavite we make a very successful one.


Do you have any advice for beginner / aspiring riders?

Stay focused and never give up. You must never leave any rock unturned when it comes to trying to win and your horse's health is the key to your success. Good feed will get you all the way to the top, along with hard work. Its not an easy road but a very worthwhile one.

Lance Hutton recommends

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.