Mitavite Partner Rider:

Jody Hartstone
Dressage & Hunting

Jody Hartstone

Our partnership with Jody goes back many years. Jody is a great lady who immerses herself in all things horsey. A follower and exponent of Andrew McLean’s Equitation Science principals, Jody is in demand throughout New Zealand. Jody is a breeder, coach, elite dressage competitor, hunt follower and a recent convert to the Portuguese Lusitano breed. She is as proud as punch of her stunning Lusitano Stallion Ali Baba and never turns down a chance to show him off in public. Jody is also a recent convert to our low starch muesli feed Munga. It forms the base for all diets on her Raglan property.

Interview - Jody Hartstone

Introduce your horses:

Ali Baba – Lusitano. Ali Baba is my dream horse! He was imported from Portugal in 2012 and is now ready to compete Grand Prix. He is a master at piaffe and passage and can perform tricks like Spanish Walk, Bowing, Smiling and Fetching. He is also a breeding stallion.


Where did your love of horse-riding begin and when did you get started within your discipline?

I have been horse mad since a young child. I got my first pony at age 6 and I don’t think I have ever spent more than a week of my life since then without a horse in my company. Horses have taken me around the world many times – it’s an awesome way to make a living and meet interesting people.


Did you have any horse-riding role-models as a beginner rider?

I just rode for fun as a child – enjoying pony club games and trekking – so I really didn’t have too many role models back then. Now though it’s a different story with Dr Andrew McLean and his wife Manu being awesome mentors to me.


What have been some of your greatest achievements within your discipline?

  • NZ National Championships – 1st place. I have won four New Zealand titles and each one was very special in its own way. All have been on stallions very dear to my heart.
  • NZ Horse of the Year Show – 1st place. I have won the Horse of the Year Grand Prix Title on two occasions – to lead the victory lap in front of crowds of 5,000 people is really something very cool!
  • International Dressage Derbies – 1st place. I have won Derbies in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa when riding for New Zealand. There is something about wearing the Silver Fern and hearing the National Anthem played for you that I just can’t seem to get enough of.


What are your aspirations for your riding career? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I have twice qualified for the World Equestrian Games – it is my dream to ride there one day.


Which Mitavite feeds and/or supplements do you use?

Ali Baba gets fed Mitavite Munga and Power On – both of these feeds are low starch which is critical for a horse of his breeding to keep him healthy and in good nutritional balance. He also gets a good dollop of Performa 3 oil each night which helps his coat and reproductive parts too! (He is a stallion!)


What is your all-time favourite Mitavite product and why?

I just love Pro-Sport. I have never met a horse that doesn’t think it is yummy!


What has your experience as a Mitavite Partner Rider been like?

I have been associated with Mitavite for quite a few years now – it’s fun being part of a team of riders supported by Mitavite. There is a real team feeling when we get together at shows. The best part for me is the friends I’ve met along the way through my association with Mitavite. I also get to teach some of the Mitavite Asia sponsored riders up in Malaysia which I find greatly rewarding and a whole heap of fun!


Do you have any advice for beginner / aspiring riders?

Just love your horses – always do what’s best for them and have fun when you ride.

Jody Hartstone recommends

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.