Mitavite Partner Rider:

Angela Sausman

Angela Sausman

Being based in Far North Queensland doesn’t stop Angela from following her passion for all things horsey. A skilled producer of dressage horses, Angela travels extensively for training and competitions, succeeding at the highest levels of her sport. With a keen interest in and knowledge of equine nutrition, Angela will often hold nutrition talks for Mitavite at local clubs and interest groups. In her “spare” time Angela publishes the very informative and well-read online magazine Horse North. Angela’s favourite Mitavite feed is Munga, making her an original member of Team Munga.

Where did your love of horses begin and when did you get started within your discipline?

My Mum and Dad knew they were in trouble when our Jack Russell was made to jump garden bamboo canes suspended over overturned flower pots. I was obsessed by horses at a very young age and I can still remember my first ride – a very cold 26th December 1973 in the UK. From there it was the usual British riding school education, gymkhanas and local showjumping competitions. My first taste of dressage (a Prix Caprilli at the age of 8 probably doesn’t count) came from Jenny Ward at Brampton Stables in Northampton, a BHS training yard. My first in-house competition was a win on a lovely Irish Draught cross – Irish Bear – I was hooked.


Did you have any horse-riding role-models as a beginner rider?

As well as Jenny and her team, I was very lucky to have Nigel Taylor, the British eventer as a role-model. Nigel was kind enough to offer me a horse on his yard, Ruben for which I am very grateful. I learned a lot, not only with Ruben, but with a year on from moving to FNQ I am now very lucky and proud to be a student of Kim Weston. Kim has an incredible talent for imparting her knowledge and my horses adore her. I think we make a great team and I am so thankful for her guidance and friendship.


What have been some of your greatest achievements within your discipline?

Mitavite Munga 2013 QLD State Elementary Championship - Division 2 - Placed 6th.

Spritz’s moment of glory for FNQ, to bring back a rosette from the State Champs. We (me, husband and chief groom Michael, Kim our coach, Spritz and Swish) travelled 4,000km on a round trip to compete at our first State Champs. It was an amazing adventure and one we hope to repeat time and time again.

  • TDC Elementary Champion 2013
  • TDC Elementary Freestyle to Music Champion 2013
  • FNEG 2* Elementary Champion 2013
  • ATDDEA Elementary Freestyle Champion 2013
  • ATDDEA 2* Reserve Elementary Champion 2013
  • Cairns Show Elementary Champion 2013
  • ATDDEA High Achiever Perpetual Trophy 2013
  • ATTDEA Official Elementary Perpetual Trophy 2013
  • FNEG Highest Percentage Perpetual Trophy 2013
  • FNEG Official Elementary Perpetual Trophy 2013
  • (Definitely Spritz’s year – an amazingly consistent performance from such a talented horse)
  • TDC Elementary Champion 2012
  • Cairns Show/FNEG Elementary Champion 2012
  • RACQ NQ 2012 Games Gold Medalist

We really enjoy travelling to our regional competitions and generally travel from between 45 minutes and 7 hours away from the Ocean Easy yard to compete. We don’t have many official competitions regionally, so we make an effort to travel as far as we can to compete.


What are your aspirations for your riding career? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Under the expert tuition of Kim Weston my goal is to train all of my horses up the levels as far as we can go – aiming for Grand Prix. Who knows where that will take us, but I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun getting there.


Which Mitavite feeds and/or supplements do you use?

The horses are known as the Ocean Easy Stables Munga boys. We have been incredibly impressed with Mitavite Munga. We were originally looking for a grain free option for Swishy, as he seems to have a tendency to be grain intolerant (a sensitive red-head) and we found that all the horses did so well with it. The young chaps, Moosli and Donny, love it: a cool mix that makes them all look fantastic whilst keeping them very willing and trainable. Spritz has always flagged a little on the second day of competition so we have introduced the Super Amino 66 to help in his recovery; known as his ‘little scoop of magic’, it gives Spritz the sparkle that he needs in competition without the fizz. All the boys have Vitamite Performa 3 in their ration with amazing results for cool energy and coat condition. Our pasture at home is very ‘tropical’ and so is the heat – we rely on Vitamite Bone Power and Vitamite Re-lyte to keep our horses bones healthy and hydration levels steady.


What is your all-time favourite Mitavite product and why?

All of the above – the perfect combination to keep the boys fit, healthy and very happy (clean feed bins every time).


What has your experience as a Mitavite Partner Rider been like?

I am sure that all the Mitavite partners will say how proud they are to have the support of Mitavite and I am certainly no exception there. I am extremely enthusiastic about the Mitavite range of feeds and supplements and know how much it has changed our horses for the better. I am equally as thrilled when I see my fellow horse enthusiasts receiving amazing results from Mitavite too. I think I was a born educator: I edit and publish Horse North magazine and through my connections there I find I talk with a whole host of riders and handlers from all walks of horsey life. It is very rewarding to introduce them to the Mitavite range and make a positive difference to how their horses look, feel and perform.


Do you have any advice for beginner / aspiring riders?

I would say stay true to your dream: as a little girl I can remember looking out of my bedroom window and wishing that I had a horse in my back garden (something a little harder to come by in the UK). It may have taken some time to get there and many different tangents along the way, but I now have 4 horses happily munching in my Aussie back garden.

Angela Sausman recommends

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.