Mitavite Partner Rider:

Adam Wellington
Stockhorse Breeding & Showing

Adam Wellington

When you speak to Adam is doesn’t take long to realise his passion for the Australian Stock Horse. His pride and joy is his stunning Stallion Waylon J Justice, aka Fonz. Fonz is a multi-champion in hand and under saddle and is a fine example of his breed. Adam is understandably proud of his achievements and insists that Fonz is always immaculately prepared and presented. Adam chose Mitavite to provide his horses’ nutritional needs long before he partnered with us 5 years ago. Adam is a valuable member of our team.

What type/s of riding do you do?

Show Australian Stock Horses (ASH) and Australian National Saddle Horses (ANSA) in led, hack and working classes. 


Introduce your horses:

Waylon J Justice - Dual registered ASH / ANSA Stallion , black, 15HH. Fonzie (as he is known at home) is our very successful stallion who has won countless major awards at Australia's largest and most prestigious events including Royal Shows, and National / State Shows. He is also consistently siring progeny who are winning at an elite level in the Show Ring. He has the most laid back, quiet temperament and can be ridden by absolute beginner riders without putting a foot wrong. Fonzie has an insatiable appetite for carrots and any time he hears the noise of a carrot break in half he will stop whatever he is doing in his paddock and charge to the stable at a full gallop for his favourite food.

Wirrum Park Premonition - Dual registered ASH / ANSA Gelding, black, 15HH. Jett (as he is known at home) is a carbon copy son of Justice and is starting to make his presence felt in the show ring with some great wins from his first few outings. He has the same laid back temperament of his father and he is known as the “hoover” as he eats quicker than any horse I have ever come across…. He lives for food! He is such a good doer that he receives much smaller portions of feed than the other stabled horses (much to his disgust) and the sounds of the other horses eating away long after he has finished nearly kills him!


Where did your love of horse-riding begin and when did you get started within your discipline?

Growing up in a semi rural area everyone at school had horses and I started riding at the age of 7, and started showing horses as a teenager. I started showing ASH / ANSA horses approx 12 years ago.


Did you have any horse-riding role-models as a beginner rider?

None that I remember…but it was a long time ago…LOL!


What have been some of your greatest achievements within your discipline?

My first show with Waylon J Justice (as a newly purchased 2 yo colt) was the NSW State ASH Championship held in Dubbo NSW. I had only just started showing Stock Horses and all I was really hoping for was a ribbon in his class at such a big show. Not only did Justice win his class,he then went on to win Champion Colt and followed it up with Supreme Led Horse Of the Show! To say I was “over the moon” was an understatement… People breed and show their horses for their whole lives and most never win such a prestigious event and here I was with my first ASH horse that I had only just bought taking the title. The many Supreme Royal Show Champion wins Justice has gone on to win have also been memorable however there is one other show that really stands out in my memory… The National Capital All Breeds Show is held each year in Canberra and the feature events are the All Breeds Halter and Ridden Challenges (split into Junior and Senior Challenges with the Junior Horses being 5 years and under). These 2 events are very prestigious and are held under lights in the evening with awards being given to the top 10 place getters. The event is judged by 3 judges who score each of the horses presented. Justice was a 4 year old when I took him to the event and he competed in both Challenges for Junior Horses. There were approximately 45 entries in the Led section with everything from Miniature Ponies to Clydesdales competing, and approximately 30 horses in the ridden section. Justice won both Halter and Ridden Challenges and I was told that this was the first time (and possibly only time) the same horse has won both events! It was an extremely proud moment. 


What are your aspirations for your riding career? Where do you see yourself in the future?

My goal is to breed and show horses that are winning at the highest level in the show / performance rings. I would also like to win the ASH National 3 year old Futurity on a home bred horse, and continue to breed stock that other people can enjoy the same level of success that I have had.


Which Mitavite feeds and/or supplements do you use?

My horses diets include the Mitavite products Promita,Yearling Prep and Performa 3 Oil. Promita is the main base product I use for a balanced vitamin / mineral supplement for all my horses incl. show and breeding stock of all ages. I use Yearling Prep on the youngsters when need be for any sale or show preparations which finishes off their condition & topline beautifully. The Performa 3 Oil is great as a cool energy source and gives their coats a brilliant shine.


What is your all-time favourite Mitavite product and why?

I would have to say Promita as I have used this product for as long as I can remember on all my stock incl. Stallions, Mares, Foals and Youngstock and it has never let me down. My horses have always done brilliantly on this product and it is easy to feed and takes the guess work out of the equation.


What has your experience as a Mitavite Partner Rider been like?

I have been associated with Mitavite as a partner rider for many years now and cannot speak highly enough of the products produced by Mitavite. The Company has always been there to offer support / advice when need be and have a very knowledgeable nutrition team that are happy to share their knowledge to any horse owners requiring advice. Keep up the good work Mitavite! 


Do you have any advice for beginner / aspiring riders?

Remember that “ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY”… Don't be impatient to get to where you want to be with your horse-riding. Set yourself some achievable goals and work hard towards them. Don’t take short cuts and make sure you ask for help if you need it as there are many knowledgeable horse men/women out there that are only too happy to offer you advice.

Adam Wellington recommends

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.

  • Promita

    Ideal for breeding mares, foals and recovering horses.